Rate Schedule


Available to any sewer customer. Applicant must be located on Company’s collecting mains suitable for supplying the service requested within the Company’s certificates of territorial authority in Tippecanoe County, Indiana

Monthly Rates

Each customer shall pay the following monthly rate applicable to the user class of which the customer is a member.

A – Flat Rates for One Month Consumption Periods

User ClassRate Per Month
Residences or Residential Equivalents$65.57
Mobile Home$42.63
Multiple Family - Per Unit$53.13
Motels and Hotels - Per Unit$20.98
Service Stations$169.19
Schools (per student, faculty, and staff member)$3.28

B – Metered Rates for One Month Consumption

Applicable to Metered Commercial Customers

Each Commercial Customer not falling within one of the user classes set out in Schedule A and which is served by a metered water supply shall pay a monthly minimum rate of $82.09 for which the user will be entitled to up to 10,000 gallons of sewage disposal service and the following volumetric charges:

Consumption Per MonthGallons Per Month (Rate Per 1,000)
First 10,000$8.21
Next 10,000$8.15
Next 100,000$7.54
Next 200,000$6.79
Next 200,000$5.92
Next 500,000$4.56
Next 1,020,000$3.04

Late Payment Charges

A utility service bill which has remained unpaid for a period of more than seventeen (17) days following the mailing of the bill shall be a delinquent bill. A utility service bill shall be rendered as a net bill. If a net bill is not paid within seventeen (17) days after the bill is mailed, it shall become a delinquent bill and a late payment charge will be added in the amount of ten (10) percent of the first three (3) dollars and three (3) percent of the excess of three (3) dollars.

Metered Rate Adjustment

In the event that a Metered Commercial Customer’s demonstrable usage of sewage disposal services during any particular period of the year (not to exceed three months in duration) does not correspond to the water usage information, then such customer would be entitled to an adjustment, using as a maximum rate the average of the 12 preceding months of water usage information, excluding such corresponding period of high usage.

Connection Charge

Each user at the time he is connected with the sewage disposal system shall pay a charge of $760.00 per residential connection. For nonresidential connections, the customer shall pay a charge based upon the actual cost of connection.

System Development Charge

Each user at the time he is connected with the sewage disposal system shall pay a charge of $975 per residential connection. All non-residential users will pay a system development charge at the time they are connected that is based on their equivalent residential units (ERU) of their estimated usage.

Main Extensions

For purposes of the Commission’s sewer main extension rules, the provisions of 170 IAC 8.5-4-32(a)(2) shall apply.